Illinois One Governor Away From Abolishing Death Penalty

Wrongful convictions and false confessions have led to dozens of innocent men on death row in Illinois. In Chicago alone, one police commander, Lt. Jon Burge, was responsible for torturing false confessions from 100 men in the 1980s.

The abuse of suspects in Illinois was so notorious that former Illinois Governor George Ryan would suspend Illinois”s death penalty and release all prisoners from death row.

Now, the Illinois House and Senate have both passed a bill to abolish the death penalty. All it will take is the signature of the current Governor to make it real. Abolition in Illinois could have a ripple effect in other states.

Please spread the word. Call Gov. Quinn today! They”re just one signature away from making history as the 16th state without the death penalty!

Please contact Governor Quinn right away to tell him you hope he’ll sign the death\r\npenalty repeal bill.

Call one of his offices. Springfield Phone: 217-782-0244,

Chicago Phone: 312-814-2121

The Governor is getting many calls today, so if your call doesn’t go through or a\r\nvoicemail box is full – please call back later.

It was eight years ago that Governor George Ryan commuted the death sentences of all those on death row.  It’s time for Governor Quinn to make a historic decision of his own.

Steve Drizin, one of the country”s leading experts on wrongful convictions and false confessions and his colleagues at the Center on Wrongful Convictions are asking all of us to support this effort.

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