New York Adopts Protocols for Video Recording of Interrogations

New York State Law Enforcement Community Announces Protocols for Videotaping Police Interrogations

The Associated Press reports that New York State District Attorneys Association, New York State Sheriffs’ Association, New York State Association of Chiefs of Police, New York City Police Department, New York State Police and the New York State Bar Association will announce the adoption of statewide protocols governing the video recording of custodial interrogations.

While the details of how these new regulations will be implemented across the board has not been revealed, the decision of the law enforcement community to adopt these major changes could have a significant impact on reducing the number of false confessions leading to wrongful convictions.

According to experts, New York State ranks only second to the state of Illinois in the number of wrongful convictions nationally. has begun compiling data on wrongful conviction exonerations in New York State over the past 25 years, estimating that there have been at least 120 exonerations since the 1980s.

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