Jeffrey Deskovic Wins Compensation in NY False Confession Case

If ever there was a case that cried out for justice it was Jeffrey Deskovic’s. After spending 16 years in New York State prisons for the rape and murder of a high school classmate, Jeffrey finally received compensation from Westchester County in his wrongful conviction.

Jeffrey was arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to life in prison for murder even though the real murderer”s DNA was found at the crime scene.The police, prosecutors, judge and jury knew that, but they still convicted this 16 year old boy. The police and prosecutors obtained a coerced , false confession and never looked back.

We first met Jeffrey when he joined Marty Tankleff”s family and supporters during the long struggle to free Marty in his false confession murder case. Jeffrey made himself available to Marty”s attorneys, public advocates and the press to tell his story hoping it would help free Marty. He was there during the two years of evidentiary hearings in Marty”s case which were lost, and he was there when Marty was finally freed by the New York State Appellate Court in 2007. In fact, Jeffrey was always there, selfless in his support for other wrongfully convicted men and women in New York and around the country.

It was a real pleasure to see the New York Times today and learn that he won his case. It has never been easy for Jeffrey. He struggled as a teenager, as a prisoner and even after his exoneration. But today, hopefully his struggle will get a little lighter and he can enjoy having some money to pay his rent, have a good meal and have some joy in his life.

Good luck Jeffrey Deskovic.

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