Great Neck Looking Back at Capturing the Friedmans

Carol Frank, a reporter for the Great Neck Record takes a look back at what happened in the infamous Great Neck mass sexual abuse case 25 years ago, featured in Andrew Jarecki”s film, Capturing the Friedmans. She interviews Arline Epstein, the mother of a nine year old who admitted to being sexually abused in the Friedman home. Arline vividly recalls the hysteria that existed at the time which, she now believes, led parents and children to make a terrible mistake. Arline”s son Michael, now 34, recently met with investigators for Friedman and told them that he lied about what happened, like many of the other boys who were pressured by police, psychologists and their parents to provide false testimony. Michael also contacted the Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice to tell his story. Arline Epstein and other parents also want to meet with the Nassau County District Attorney to tell their story and find out the truth behind the conviction of Jesse Friedman.