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Richard Leo

Richard Leo

Richard Leo works as a Law Professor at the University of San Francisco. Leo regularly serves as a litigation consultant and/or expert witness in criminal and civil trials. He has worked on high profile cases involving false confessions, including the cases of Michael Crowe, Earl Washington, the Norfolk Four, and two of the Central Park jogger defendants, as well as numerous lesser-known cases with victims of coercive interrogation.

He is the recipient of The Ruth Shonle Cavan Award from the American Society of Criminology, the Saleem Shah Career Achievement Award from the American Psychological Association, and a Soros Senior Justice Fellowship from the Open Society Institute.

From Richard Leo's bio from the Universithy of San Francisco

and http://acadserv.usfca.edu/preview/law/faculty/fulltime/RichardLeo.html


Richard Leo's research papers

"The Problem of False Confession in America"

"Police-Induced Confessions, Risk Factors, and Recommendations: Looking Ahead"

"The Three Errors: Pathways to False Confession and Wrongful Conviction"

Bibliography of Richard A. Leo's Scholarly Papers